80cm Green Kero Kero Keroppi Donuts Frog Toy Plush


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  • Name: 80cm Green Kero Kero Keroppi Donuts Frog Toy Plush
  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 80cm

Warm tip: plush toy maintenance

1, keep indoor clean as far as possible to reduce dust, often use clean, dry, soft tools to clean the surface of toys.

2. Avoid sunlight for a long time, and keep toys dry inside and outside.

3, cleaning can be taken according to the size of the necessary measures, small can first use tape to be afraid of wear parts stained, directly into the washing machine soft wash, dry, hanging cool dry, and intermittent pat toys, make its fur, fluffy and soft filling. Large toys can find the filling seam, cut the suture line, take out the filling special (nylon cotton) special parts can not be taken (better maintain the appearance) with tape afraid of wear on the accessories department. Wash and dry the outer skin, then put the stuffing into the toy skin, shape it, and sew it.

4, equipped with high intelligent electronics, machine core, sound wool/cloth or dolls, before cleaning must put the electronic components (some are not waterproof) or battery out to prevent water damage.

5, clean toys after drying, with a clean comb or similar tools along the direction of the fur comb neatly, so that its fur smooth, beautiful.

6, look at the plush toys viscera is clean health, unqualified toy stuffing, waste plastic, fiber rope, paper scraps, and even the state banned black heart cotton.

7, twisting plush toys eyes, nose, mouth, see if it is strong, if the small parts on the toy, pull does not meet the national standards, it is unqualified products.

8. In order to be healthy, plush toys should be disinfected and cleaned regularly.

9, simple and easy sterilization, disinfection method, available power larger steam iron on the fluff gently reciprocating ironing, also has a certain sterilization and decontamination effect.

10, in the home washing plush toys: for small parts less toys can use 30-40℃ warm water hand wash or machine wash, cleaning can be neutral laundry liquid, for plush toys, with cashmere detergent effect will be better.

11, how to make toys not easy to get dirty and prolong its life, at the beginning of the purchase of toys, whether it is the box or plastic bag do not discard, in order to prepare for storage packaging dust. In humid areas, desiccant can be placed during preservation to prevent toys from being damp. Stuffed toys should be kept as far as possible to avoid overloading, so as to avoid deformation and damage.

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